Kick It!

Down in the Dumps

Why do I feel so crummy?

Down and oh so glummy

I don’t want to end this poem

With a word like tummy or yummy. 


Tina S.W. 

May 1, 2020

May 1st

May 1st?

When did that happen?

Only yesterday it was April.

Ha… I like that one. ☺

Tina S.W.

May 1, 2020


Today is the day

She’s on her way

Bug things are gonna happen 

Just you wait and see!

Bug things? 


Tina S.W.

May 1, 2020

The Month of May

Beware the ides of May


What ARE ides? 

Hush spell check

I didn’t mean ideas….

Ides are the 15th day of the month… Ah, settling debts. Yes, beware of settling debts indeed. Wait a minute… moons, what? This ides thing is confusing. I think the bottom line is beware of the confusion of ides. Maybe I did mean ideas. 

Tina S.W.

May 1, 2020

Kick Start

Let’s kick off this month with a kick in the pants

If the floor is crawling I’m killing some ants!

Don’t be surprised if she’s got a bag of tricks

Her boots were made for walking 

And this poem is just for kicks. 

Nailed it. 

Tina S.W. 

May 1, 2020 

I’m not back yet. Just dropping off some… poetry? See you Monday. Love Tina. ❤

(Photo credit goes to user TemperateSage.)

17 thoughts on “Kick It!

  1. Nothing wrong with ending it with tummy or yummy as long as it’s something yummy going into the tummy! Talking about settling debts, I tried to pay mine over the phone today, but for some reason they couldn’t get it to work, so I’m still in debt! Oh, well… If you’re not back yet, then please get lots of rest and thanks for dropping off some poetry in the meantime. Had a hard time trying to spell “lots”. It kept coming out “lost”, and I definitely didn’t want to tell you to get lost. Never! Have a wonderful weekend. God bless you Tina. Think I’ll stop rambling now and go to bed. 🙂


  2. I got the bright idea on the weekend to see if I can pay my mechanic through PayPal, but somehow today completely got away from me and I didn’t get around to calling them. Oh, dear. Then I got my rent receipt after giving them a one-time right to use my debit card, and it was for about $166 less than I authorized and I have no idea why. I’ll be so glad when we can once again go into the office to use the debit machine. But thanks for putting up with my rambling. I tend to get that way late at night (and other times too). Glad to see you back. Hope you’re feeling better.


    1. Yes, it’s difficult when you can’t speak to people face to face. We had a banking issue that couldn’t be resolved over the phone. Thankfully we did finally get it sorted, but talking to a machine rather than a person is not too helpful.


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