InfiniTea War: Minty Licorice Delight

It’s time for another mint tea tasting! In fact it’s time for more rehydration in general. I experienced a charlie horse in my leg yesterday while sitting cross legged on the bed trying to juggle pencils. Yes, apparently pencil juggling is a dangerous sport when not fully hydrated. More fluids needed.

This post’s challenger is a blend of Northwest-grown peppermint, wild mint and naturally sweet licorice root. Cinnamon and fennel also accompany this Minty Licorice Delight. Is this combo strong enough to eliminate my Peppermint tea? 

When a tea company pushes words like “delight” I’m a bit skeptical right off the bat. Nevertheless, you can’t make any sort of call without a good taste. 

My very first sip was surprising. I was expecting the flavors to be weak. Instead I immediately recognized the licorice as the scent of cinnamon wafted up to my nose. My preceding thought was, hey, I might enjoy this, but can it take down Stash’s Peppermint?  

With every taste I pondered this and with every sip the strength of the licorice grew stronger and stronger until I found it quite overpowering. 

Overpowering would be good in a battle if… yeah… but… What I’m trying to get at is that this tea assaulted my taste buds with licorice. I think it may have made me a bit dizzy. Wow! That’s seriously strong! (I’m not kidding.) If the challenge was to eliminate me from this war it’s very possible that it could take me down. 

Not the right kind of licorice, but you get the picture.

That being said I wouldn’t call this a mint tea. Since this “licorice slap in the face” makes me feel strange it won’t become a regular in my cupboard. Therefore, another “mint” tea has bit the dust. This blend made for a surprisingly pleasant combo at first sip. Sadly, the licorice was just too strong for its own good. 

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.”

Ephesians 6:10

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil. This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones. 

Proverbs 3:5-8

(Photo credit goes to user 12019.)

23 thoughts on “InfiniTea War: Minty Licorice Delight

  1. Licorice is like anaseed – doesn’t really do delicate. Where do you find these teas to test? So hope it’s a local tea shop, like a Harry Potter wand shop, you having great fun seeing what beauties they have in all the cupboards. Currently enjoying peppermint and nettle tea. Very nice. Tomorrow I’m opening a pack of chamomile and turmeric- not sure about that one.

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    1. Oh, I wish my tea tasting was that whimsical. I’m running out of mint teas to taste. Can’t purchase the one I want to try. I’m sure it’s a contender. Turmeric…😂 Is that a real tea? Now that sounds like a Harry Potter flavor. Turmeric… hmmm.. not sure about that one.

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      1. Very real. Apparently good for reducing inflammations and infections. In my mind curry most definitely YES, in my tea, not entirely convinced. Good to see you are taking the nutritional side of the pencil challenge really seriously. I will be powered by Turmeric tomorrow. 😱😀


      2. Yep, I’ve heard that turmeric is good for reducing inflammation. I do try to think about the nutritional side of things. Sometimes too late. I definitely need to focus more on drinking. Yes, the body doesn’t respond well to not enough fluids. I’m not sure turmeric gives much pep, but it’s worth a try. 😀

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    1. 😂 Okay, that was funny. Well… you don’t know if you like something until you try it, right? Thanks for the laugh, ken. I needed that. More poetry on Friday. You might like that better. 😂

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  2. Ugh I can just imagine the overpowering licorice taste…the licorice flavor is always what ruins it for me with tea..I bought what I thought was simply an orange tea…once brewed I realized licorice was present too and so it sits wasted in the pantry, I should really dispose of it!!
    Love your descriptions of tea tasting…watch out for those pencils though!!😅


    1. Ugh, yes licorice is now an ingredient I will avoid. I have tea wasting in the pantry too. 😕 The down side of tea tasting. What do I do with the tea I can’t drink??? Those pencils ARE dangerous. 😀 😂 Always so nice when you pop by Ali! Love you mini me. 😂 Keep shining.

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      1. Haha mini me, love that!!!
        I was thinking that my girls used leftover tea to make hand scrubs but now that I think of it more I’m almost wondering if it was coffee grounds, nevertheless you could check on Google and see if there’s any ideas for using unused tea?!


      2. That’s a great idea! 😄 You’re so crafty. My crafty broke. 😁 I need help in that department. Thanks for the idea! I will have to do a Google search and see what comes up.


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