There’s something fishy about this video.

People, Pastimes, and Posses

This one was pieced together with pics and videos that a brother from another mother shared with us. This and “The Plan” are two of my personal favorites. Friendship is a wonderful thing. Posses are precious.

I used free production music for this one which I should have mentioned at the end of the video. Oh, that reminds me! When the screen goes black— wait. It’s kind of reminiscent of the sequences at the end of The Lord of the Rings movies. It’s not over till it’s over.

I think we’re going somewhere…

Peppy, Positive and Peart

I’d call this “Highspirited!” Fair warning–as Chris would say to me, “Somebody pulled your ripcord.” Yeah, usually him! The song is by Reliant K. It’ll get stuck in your head. It’s already running through mine.

“Twins” United. Now we just have to create the nation Canamerica.

Pep Talks, Prayer and Predictions

My prediction did come true. Andrew and I flew to see this monkey in the Spring of 2009. (We’re still the best of friends today.) What an adventure. It has it’s mountains and dark valleys, but then it has its golden moments too. And still, the best is yet to come. It’ll be alright. ❤

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