Going for the gold!

Purple, Pencils and Practice

The Year was 2007. If pencil juggling were all the rage, I’d have been truly disapointed. Nah, this was just a bit of fun to cheer up a chum. Smiles and shared laugher are the best reward. #PurposefulPencilJuggling

This one is full of plans, she is.

Pondering, Performance and Problems

2008 was the year of “The Plan.” Nevertheless, don’t be fooled by my goofy demeanor. I can remember experiencing some depression after I recorded all of the clips for this video. In fact, I struggled with depression quite frequently back then, but it took me a long time to realize that life wasn’t entirely the pits. I can’t recall when it truly began, but I know that I went through some of my worst depression in 2006-2010.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. Then I later learned that I have a sensitivity to gluten, as well as, Seasonal Affective Disorder. These, too, contributed to my depression. No more ice cream sammiches for me!

I still experience some depression off and on due to S.A.D and fluctating hormone levels, but going gluten-free and using a S.A.D. light did make a huge difference.

All of the music in this video was provided by a young friend of mine who was teaching himself to play the keyboard. His music inspired me. It was quirky, imperfect, playful, and full of feeling–perfect, in my opinion.


Pick, Prepare and Produce 

2009 was a fruitful year.  It really was.  The evidence is in the bowl. Admittedly, this video is a bit lengthy, but it’s relaxing if you like to watch people in the kitchen. (Stir–stir–stir.)  I feel that the length actually adds to the amusement. Maybe not so much for anyone else. It’s probably more like, “Will you get that jam made already! I don’t have all day!” Critics… there’s always a critic. Take life slow. Enjoy the stirring.

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