My Happy Place

Pieces, Peaceful, and Parents

In 2009 we were motoring! (literally.) We we’re making frequent kiln runs from our home-base (AKA our apartment) to our home town where my husbands parents were still residing. We ran our kiln out of their partially closed off carport. Dad specifically built a room for our kiln when my hubby’s aunt had to shut down her shop. Suddenly we were left with no where to house this rather important element of our ceramics business. I have some pretty wonderful in-laws.

If you listen closely you can hear my guy working away in the background while I sing in the van. He was likely loading the kiln with glazed pieces.

Loading (specifically loading glazed pieces) always made me a nervous wreck. Each piece must be carefully placed on these little spiky things called stilts. If a piece falls over during firing you’ll end up with several pieces bonded together. Though my hubby was very good at his job, we still had losses because of this precarious procedure. Thus, if I stood by “helping” him, I would constantly point out which pieces I figured would fall off their stilts, or were set too close together.

Singing praises in the van became a way better option than harassing my husband. 😃 The Song that played on the radio was Chris Tomlin’s “I will Rise.”

I kept this video short on purpose: I’m not a singer, but I do love to sing praises to, and about, my Jesus. ❤

“Oh sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth! Sing to the LORD, bless His name; tell of His salvation from day to day.”

Psalm 96:1-2

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