The Best Medicine: 6 Health Benefits Of Laughter

The Best Medicine: 6 Health Benefits Of Laughter

I don’t normally post twice on Mondays, but my sweet friend and sister in the Lord’s post is so worth sharing. Vivian writes about living life with a TMI (Traumatic Brain Injury), her family, God, and many other wonderful things. I hope you’ll give her post a read.

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God's Whispers of Truth

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance.

~Ecclesiastes 3:4

We can all agree that laughter is a great medicine for stress relief.

Here are 6 reasons I’ve found why laughter improves one’s health:

1) Laughter relieves stress and tension for up to 45 minutes (and we all know stress is a big health crusher).

2) Laughter boosts the immune system by increasing immune cells and infection fighting antibodies which improves the bodies resistance to disease.

3) Increases endorphins released by your brain which result in feelings of well-being and pleasure.

4) Lowers blood pressure. This coexists with the first point because stress is a big culprit of most health issues. Laughter and a good diet can lower blood pressure.

5) Laughter works the abs because the stomach muscles expand and contract just like doing crunches.

6) Laughter improves cardiac…

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