Two Bees or Not Two Bees?

That is the question. The answer is: I do indeed have two buzzy and busy bee poems to share.

First up…

Follow the Leader

Buzzy little honey bees

Your wings are growing stronger 

Soon this wearying, whirring wind 

Won’t hinder your way any longer.

Stay true to your sure and stable course

Soaring flower to lovely flower

Passionately pollinating

With wonder working POWER

Remember there’ll bee rich rewards 

I promise you they’re sweet

Mind your poison stinger, loves!

Please keep them in their sheaths!

Soon you’ll enjoy the fruits of the fight

And the joy of Your Creator’s grace

Praise Him allowed with your conquering chorus

And in all that you do always give Him thanks. 

Tina S.W. 

January 24, 2020

“But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of Him everywhere”

2 Corinthians 2:14

My Mom

My mom is always busy

As busy as a bee

She works with her hands

To make beautiful things.

These things she creates

She does so with care

She loves to love her family

And we all know she’s there.

Some things she will sell

Others are gifts 

Knowing she cares

Our spirits they lift.

My mom is always busy

As busy as a bee

It’s true that apples don’t fall far from the tree. ❤

February 8, 2020

Tina S.W. 

“She does her work with energy, and her arms are strong. She knows that what she makes is good. Her lamp burns late into the night.” Full verse here

Proverbs 31:17-18

Like two bees in a bud…

(Photo credits go to users Sumx, minka2507 and Antranias.)

10 thoughts on “Two Bees or Not Two Bees?

  1. Lovely poems, Tina. They work so hard to pollinate all the flowers and crops – in summer they’re on the go from dawn till dusk.
    Your mum sounds lovely. ☺


  2. Bee -utiful poems! I appreciate bees, they are wonderful pollinators and sadly their numbers have been steadily diminishing. “My Mom” is a wonderful poem tribute to your mother! Tina, I am enjoying your poetry – keep buzzing!


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