Kitty Keyboard and Cornbread?

You never know what you’re going to get when I do one of my “portions” posts. The times are peculiar, but we’re always a bit peculiar. If you ever need to remember how to spell the word peculiar just remember Pec-U-Liar. (lol) That’s what I’m going to do!

By the way… we still have ants. I spent part of the morning fighting that war again. When I voiced the phrase “You must die.” Andrew asked if there was a camera recording this event. We don’t normally set up a camera and record ourselves, so, no, there wasn’t. We’re not that Pec-U-Liar.

Matt of Jesusluvsall thought it would be a great idea if we video recorded our adventures, but usually our “adventures” are rather spontaneous and would require a reenactment. Sort of like the video below. I would call the theme of this video “Things you can’t normally do at church.” (Aka Kitty Keyboard) After Andrew helped to liven up worship a little we did buckle down and enjoy the sermon today.

However, little did we realize that it would be a communion service. We weren’t prepared for communion! We had no bread whatsoever and nothing in the fridge that would remotely represent a red beverage. So our communion ended up being very make-shift. Andrew grabbed us a couple of nacho chips for the bread and I had orange juice, whereas Andrew had iced tea. It definitely wasn’t traditional, so I was glad when Pastor Rhys made a comment about things not being done as they usually are and that this is okay.

Andrew: “You’re not recording this are you? (Me: “Yes *laughing* I am.)”I have an itchy nose and my keyboard is trying to get away. Ah…my keyboard left.”

I’m not promising more videos… but you never know.

25 thoughts on “Kitty Keyboard and Cornbread?

    1. That’s not a very subtle hint… lol. It’s a possibility. I’m not making promises. Today I am tired. I’m seriously considering a blogging break. I’ve posted too much lately, and I have some people I need to keep tabs on.

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  1. That was cute. You’re not the only ones to do a makeshift communion. I did have regular bread, but the only juice I had was grapefruit. Well, the name at least had a grape in it. 🙂


      1. By the way, did you get rid of the ants? If not, have you tried diatomaceous earth? It’s perfectly harmless to pets but should get rid of the pests. Just realized the spelling of pets and pests isn’t much different, but the creatures are far different. 🙂


      2. No, we still have an ant problem. I almost typed aunt problem. Hehe. We’ve been using diatomaceous earth. It helped with the first army. Put it all around the door. But they must be getting in somewhere else now.. They keep finding their way to the cat dish. It’s been a really bad Summer for ants here. 🐜 🐜 🐜


  2. Tina, your posts entertain me, I’m never certain exactly where your post will lead, but I always enjoy them! Blue is a wonderful accessory color for your kitty.🐈


    1. Maybe you should be putting it around the cat dish. I have also read that they won’t go into it if it is too thick, so if you could just put a dusting around and under the dish, it might be more effective.


      1. I have been good. Just going through some transitions and they’re not so easy on me. I just imagined you calling my name 😃. This feels like a reunion. You are allowed to call me dramatic 😂


      2. Haha. You really want to hear me say your name! Lol. I can’t! I trip over my tongue as it is. Nah, you’re not dramatic. Life is full of troubles and transitions. They can be difficult. This does feel like a reuinion. Are you going to be writing again?


      3. Yes I am trying to write again. It’s such a bad habit that I retreat into myself every time I am going through an hard time… That too I would overcome. I would teach you how to pronounce my name someday😄


      4. Lol. 😁 I would love to hear how your name is pronpunced. Sometimes a bit of a retreat can be a good thing. It’s good to get alone with God for a while anyways. But don’t hide yourself away forever!


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