On The Couch With Tina

Some people need talk therapy. I need write therapy. If I don’t start thinking and writing I’m going to have such a hard time rising again. I’m a fighter. A tired fighter, but a fighter. 

Discouragement is my worst enemy right now. Nothing keeps you from rising more than negative thoughts. The problem is that I’m starting to believe some of them. Why?

  • I’m tired
  • My focus is terrible
  • I’m stubborn
  • I’m battle weary
  • I’m stubborn
  • My focus is terrible 

Why in the world do I want to hold on to those negative thoughts? See, that’s just ridiculous.  

It’s because you’re being stubborn. Why are you being so stubborn? 

Because I’m human. 

Oh, is that it? 


Or is it because you’re tired? 

Oh, of course. That too. Should we have some tea?

Stop that! Stay focused. 

The problem is I don’t know what the problem is.

Ah, you have a good point there. Maybe you should ask someone. You know who I mean, right? 

Of course I know who you mean! Are you calling me clueless?

No not at all. Just distracted and stubborn. 

That’s not entirely fair. I’ve got problems. 

Oh I’d say you do. You do know that you’re having a conversation with yourself, right?

Hey! You started it! 

And I’ll finish it too. 

Funny… real funny. 

Oh, she will rise…(she writes with a glint in her eyes.)

Now it’s time for tea and an entirely different conversation. 


(Photo credit goes to Pixabay.com user karishea.)

31 thoughts on “On The Couch With Tina

  1. I have missed you. Going through all the posts I have missed. I guess I have to continue tomorrow ( my phone battery is low). Just know somewhere far far away, your little sister has you in her prayers😍

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      1. Self doubt is a nightmare. So suffer from that. Self doubt and being stubborn – where do I start with that one. You have such talent. I really love your posts. Look after yourself. Try not to be too hard on yourself and give yourself a hug. You deserve that.


      1. I understand little sister. What I try to come back to when I am stuck in the mire is that conversation with Jesus does not depend on me. It depends on him and his love. Sometimes it is just me admitting to him that I have nothing and am stuck

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  2. Oh Tina I know you’re feeling down and I’ve been praying for you!! I have to admit the whole second half of that post I giggled through as I was reading because these mimic some of my own battle-thoughts that jump around in my mind!!! Ahhhhh!
    Focus on Him and His truth, you have an army praying for you too!!! Love you, your mini me!!


    1. I’m glad you giggled. I often have to add a bit of humor to lift my mood. God gave us humor. We should use it. We need it. It’s a great tool. I’m getting my focus sorted. I have my Bible Reading figured out now, so I know which direction I need to head in with my reading. That will help. Thanks so much for the prayers! Appreciate that so much!

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  3. Loved this little stream of consciousness. I write a lot as therapy too, though sometimes it can be the exact source of my frustrations. Anyway, thanks for sharing and wishing you all the best!


  4. Yes, I totally understand. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into negative self-beliefs. I’m guilty of it myself. I’ve been writing a lot but hesitant to post anything. AMEN to writing therapy and I pray you feel much better!!! Blessings!


    1. Thank you, Kiki! I’ve been struggling with posting lately. Doubting myself so much, but I also know that when I do I’m not trusting God. So I push myself hard to ignore those discouraging thoughts. It’s a battle forsure, but we know who wins and that we’re on the winning side.

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      1. Awe, thank you. I hope you do publish them. I would love to read your thoughts! WordPress has not heard enough from Kiki’s perspective. ❤

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