F(l)ight Songs #4

On Saturday morining I was struggling to focus on God. I stopped blogging on the weekends so I could make a distraction free effort to get close to Him. This is how we followers of Christ recharge and find our lift. I’ve never struggled so much to do this. I don’t like it, so I was feeling lousy and beating myself up pretty good. 

I listened to some of the more soothing songs that had been encouraging me, but this particular day they really weren’t helping. So I scrolled through all of my playlists stopping at the one labeled “Fight Songs.” Yep, that’s probably what I need. 

Scrolling through this playlist I stopped at Disciple. I really haven’t listened to too much of this band, but I added them to my playlist because I appreciated their lyrics. I have now decided that I love Disciple. Anyone who can get me smiling when I’m beating myself up goes over big in my books.

If you need something soothing to lower that blood pressure probably not the band for you. I, however, tend to have very low blood pressure. Many have wondered if I am truly alive. When I was going into surgery the nurse kept taking my blood pressure. I think she was a little worried. She probably thought the machine was broken. 😃 So for me, hey, loud music is just what I need to raise that blood pressure. Oh, and plenty of water. Gotta remember the water!

Actually, none of these songs are super loud. They have louder stuff. These are quite tame. Quite awesome also.


“It’s Your gallows that save. So set Your sight on me.” ❤


The Roman gallows was the cross, and, in the older translations of the Biblegallows was used to describe the cross upon which Jesus was crucified (Ulfilas uses the term galga in his Gothic Testament). 


“Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.

Matthew 10:39

Like Comets that Career about…

“We have our centre in ourselves, and we need the centre to be shifted, or we live in sin. If I might venture upon so violent an image, the comets that career about the heavens need to be caught and tamed, and bound to peaceful revolution round some central sun, or else they are ‘wandering stars to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.’ So, brethren, the slaying of self by a painful, protracted process, is the requirement of Christ.

Maclaren’s Expisitions

“The phrase means the suppression, and sometimes the excision, of appetites, passions, desires, inclinations. It means the hallowing of all aims; it means the devotion and the consecration of all activities. It means the surrender and the stewardship of all possessions. And only then, when we have done these things, shall we have come to practical obedience to the initial requirement that Christ makes from us all-to lose our lives for His sake.

Maclaren’s Exposition

Quality time with the Lord is always so inspiring. Why do we fight it?

“Then Jesus returned to the disciples and found them sleeping. “Were you not able to keep watch with Me for one hour?” He asked Peter.  “Watch and pray so that you will not enter into temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.” 

Matthew 26:40-41

(Photo credit goes to Pixabay.com user geralt.)

7 thoughts on “F(l)ight Songs #4

  1. The second video doesn’t work in England, guess we are on the naughty list. I love the other 2 songs, going to see what I can find to download tonight. I was listening to some Christian rock last night – Neal Morse – Sola Scriptura. So hope you have a wonderful recharge weekend. Spending time with Christ, yourself and with those you love. Hopefully see you next week. 🙏


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