F(l)ight Songs #8

(Photo credit goes to Pixabay.com user federicomanderno.)

It’s time for another F(l)ight Songs! It’s been a while.

Let me give you an explanation of how the idea of F(l)ight Songs came into being and what they’re are all about.

I first started posting what I was calling “fight” songs while I was struggling terribly with depression. They were songs that spoke to the struggle and encouraged me to keep fighting through the greys.

As I fought on, I next started posting what I termed “freedom” songs. These songs focused on the freedom that we find in knowing Jesus and being guided by a God who is bigger than all of our problems. We can cling to Him and all of His promises. He is the anchor that holds through the storm, the lover of our souls and the one who holds the whole world in His mighty hands.

F(l)ight Songs is the combination of the fight and the acknowledgement of that freedom found in Jesus Christ. In the fight there is both light and eventually flight as we draw closer to God. With God’s support, and our family in Christ (the church) our spirits are lightened and lifted. We renew our strength. It doesn’t always happen over night, but spiritual strength isn’t much different than physical strength. When you continually use a muscle it becomes stronger. As we continue taking our steps of faith our spirit becomes stronger as well.

But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31

Blessing Offor

Now, let me introduce you to an Artist who lifted my spirit while I was cleaning the kitchen last Friday. It was Blessing Offor’s song ‘Brighter Days’ that lifted my gaze.

It spoke to my heart so much, I knew that Mr. Offor must have so much more to offer, and he does. Many wonderful offerings. So let me give you a sampling of songs to light your way and lift your spirits.

Speaking of fight, freedom and flight. Blessing’s song ‘Little Bird’ is the perfect reminder that freedom isn’t found on our own. Birds of a feather 🪶 flock together. We find strength in numbers as we worship God together. We find strength as we draw close to Him.

P.S. ‘Tin Roof’ is a masterpiece. It’s written by Chris Tomlin and sung by both Tomlin and Offor. Such a beautiful and comforting collaboration.

9 thoughts on “F(l)ight Songs #8

  1. I have not heard of this artist before, so thank you once again for opening my eyes to new and blessed music. All the songs were beautiful. And I love the little bird chose for the picture. So fitting. I am so comforted to know that the Lord helps us fight and flight our way to freedom! 🙌♥️🙏✝️


  2. Thank you for this. I was wondering what the f(l)ight song referred to. I wrongly thought of fear’s responses of fight or flight. I’m pleased to find yours were much more victorious responses to life’s struggles. As it would be my Mammy’s birthday today, I decided to play the songs for her. May the Risen Christ lift you in His love and blessings this Easter.

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  3. Amen! I like your comparison of spiritual strength and physical strength. When you spend time and energy reading and studying the Word, active in prayer, and reaching upward, faith grows stronger. Tina, have a wonderful Easter! 💖🌷✝️🌺


    1. It’s so true Jeanne. It’s true because we get to know God better and see Him move in our lives. There may be seasons of testing but even in those dry desert seasons God shows Himself in our lives and comes through, building our faith and trust in Him. You have a wonderful Easter too! 💖🌷💖⚘🌷⚘

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  4. Love this vulnerable post Tina, I’ve struggled with anxiety/worry a lot over the past six months or so, this encouragement and understanding in your post is incredibly relatable for me. Fight, freedom, and flight..so good and all are achievable when done under His care.


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