F(l)ight Songs #9

(Photo credit goes to Pixabay.com user AuraPartners)

It’s time to rest and reflect on how good God is. Whether the journey has been difficult, or we’ve been experiencing a respite of smooth sailing, the Lord is always perfect and good. He faithfully gives us everything we need to build us up and make us fit for all that He has planned for us. 

Then Job’s wife said to him, “Do you still retain your integrity? Curse God and die!” “You speak as a foolish woman speaks,” he told her. “Should we accept from God only good and not adversity?” In all this, Job did not sin in what he said. 

Job 2:9-10

And so we praise God for all that He is and all that He gives, knowing that as a good father disciplines the child He loves, God also gives us times of adversity. He always has our best interest at heart. So we worship God in spirit and in truth. 

What this means is that our worship must not be a mechanical show for others, but rather it should genuinely come from our heart, mind and soul. (Matthew 6:3 – 5; Matthew 23:27-28; Matthew 22:37)

To worship God in truth means that we recognize the truth of who He is. We get to know Him by studying His word and will for our lives. This means that we don’t paint an inaccurate picture of our Creator. 

Don’t you want to receive accurate praise? Don’t you want to be known as you truly are, not how others perceive you?  As unfair as it is to be inaccurately portrayed,  there’s more at stake when we don’t worship God in truth. An inaccurate portrait of God leads others astray. (2 Timothy 4:3) 

Jeremy and Adrienne Camp 

With Worship in mind, I now turn your attention to our F(L)ight Songs spotlight: Jeremy and Adrienne Camp. In 2020 this lovely couple put out a worship album together titled The God Project. What a beautiful sound it must be to God when husband and wife sing from the same page in harmony.

Okay, so not all of us have perfect pitch and can make as lovely a sound as Jeremy and Adrienne. My point is that it must please God when we invite Him into our homes and marriages and praise Him for all the good He has done. 

May we take the time to reflect on who God is, and may the light of His love give us wings to rise. May we also grow in truth, wisdom and love (for both Him and one another.)


11 thoughts on “F(l)ight Songs #9

  1. What a good reminder that we can experience feelings of hope and peace even when life feels rocky and hard and maybe even sad…a relationship with Jesus makes this possible. The more we know Him, the more our love grows for Him and others and hope blossoms.

    Thanks for sharing the Camp’s song as well.


  2. I didn’t know that Jeremy’s wife joined him in some of his music. Thank you for sharing. And I do agree with your thoughts. It can be frustrating when someone doesn’t understand us. I never thought about that in relation to worship before. But it definitely makes me want to fully understand God and know Him better. And I absolutely always want to portray Him and His Word in truth. Thank you for this deep and thoughtful post. Have a blessed week, dear friend. 🦋


    1. I bet it’s a bit different for God when we misunderstand Him. (Maybe not) But He’s patient with us. So maybe for Him it’s more of a longing for us to know Him as He is because then we will know (or get a sense of) How much He loves us, wants for us and has for us. You have a blessed week as well. 🙂💐

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    1. Well, it’s been a hot October and we’ve had forest fires in the forested areas. So yes, I would like some Autimn and Winter. We have had a long Summer! 😁 Do you like Winter? You wear shorts in Winter don’t you? 😂🤣😂


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