Yesterday I had my first orientation for the Early Childhood Education Certificate program which I’ll be starting on Monday! 

After being told that it was cancelled, due to technical difficulties, I received an email about the orientation.

🤔 Does this mean that the orientation is on again, I thought to myself with only 20 minutes to spare before the session. I made a bee-line for my laptop. Yes, that’s exactly what it meant. 

Some technical difficulties ensued during the orientation and the assistant director of admissions phoned me at the exact moment I was beginning my session to let me know that it was back on. This totally threw me off… Plus, the phone connection wasn’t great, I couldn’t hear her, and I felt like I was missing out on information that could be important! I handed Andrew the phone. While he kindly handled that, I desperately tried to recover my focus. 

Being my first group session ever on Microsoft team ( I know… I live in a cave) I was suddenly feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything and struggling to concentrate on what was being said. I did finally recover. It helped so much when I realised that I could turn my camera off… Fun times. 

All in all I survived and received a better understanding about the path ahead. That’s a good start. 

Despite all of the technical difficulties I do feel assured that the college wants me to be successful in my studies and have an enriching and overall good experience. The student services director had a very pleasant personality which helped to put me more at ease during the session and also eased any other concerns I had about the path ahead. 

I see a parallel here…

Jesus does the very same thing. He is humble and His yoke is easy. I tend to overcomplicate things. But despite my own technical difficulties the Holy Spirit always puts me at ease. God goes before us and surrounds us. He has everything already worked out. He is our student services director, our administrative assistant, our teacher, and so much more. 

Today I have some more information to go through and things that need to be set up before Monday. I think this course will keep me busy. Busy is good. 

Being too busy is not so good. So I plan to work on finding the right balance of study and down time. A minimum of 25 hours a week, and 5 hours a day will be required for my course, but breaks, friendship, exercise, healthful eating, tea (I still need to finish my tea challenge!) poetry, and hopefully a bit of fun will also be added to the mix. 

As I love to write and encourage, I would like to keep sharing my journey. I would also love to stay connected with my fellow bloggers. I can’t guarantee that I will have a lot of time to spend on your blogs and I may not retain my own blog’s weekly structure of posting every Wednesday. It’s very possible that my posts could end up a bit random or sporadic. 

Nevertheless, I hope you will continue to follow along and be blessed. I almost wrote ‘I love you.’ 🤣😂🤣😂 Well, why not. Love and blessings to you all. Thanks for the love, support and prayers. ❤❤❤❤❤❤


19 thoughts on “Orientation

  1. Tina, I am so happy for you and your new adventure. I will definitely be following along as you find time to post. And please don’t worry about not having time to read my posts. I certainly understand. I really love the fact that you are going in with a mindset of “balance.” That is awesome because too often we jump into something and realize later that we needed balance. I am praying you find the right balance and that you enjoy your studies! Love and blessings to you too!! 😁💜🤗🦋


    1. Thank you dear friend. Well, technically I already learned what lack of balance can do the hard way. So I’m trying to learn from the mistake of being a mess. 😀 Hehe. Love and blessings back at ya! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Hi, there. This is so exciting to read, Tina, especially with my preschool teacher past. Praying all the best, friend. ❤


  3. Whatever technical difficulties crop up, I pray the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you every step of the way. A good balance with work and downtime is a good idea. Looking forward to seeing what you share Tina.
    Blessings and love 💙💐🤗


  4. 🙏 Prayers for your educational adventure. Anxiety about going back to school, I did it after 13 years off, is common. You are correct is saying that most of our teachers and administrators want us to succeed –as much as we do. Once I got settled into my school routine, the time needed to succeed was 15-20 hours a week. All the best to you in this new endeavor. I will keep following your blog and look forward to when you can post. God Bless!


  5. Hang in there Tina. Sounds like your path is smoother now. A good illustration on life with the Lord. He does make our paths straight even though we tend to try “shortcuts” which are not at all.


    1. Thanks so much Kiki. Day 1 of my Online studies and there is nothing on my Campus portal. 😬 I had to contact my student services. Hoping to get this technical difficulty fixed soon so I can get going. 🙏 Prayers would be SO appreciated.

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