“Where are you going!?” shouted Bane. “I have many more questions!” 

“I know.” replied Lilly as she tried to suppress her irritation. “But I’m going to be late now!” 

“Where is your appointment!!??” he pressed her further. 

“I really must go! she shouted back at him. “Your questions will have to wait!”

“Where did you purchase that grand rattan tote bag? It’s really quite sturdy looking!” Bane exclaimed with glee. 

That’s the problem with Wherewolves; They always have so many questions, but Lilly Red–striding through the hood–really needed to take her sisal suitcase to grandma’s house. It wasn’t a safe neighborhood, after all, and lunch was getting cold.


Bane as a boy’s name is of Slavic origin meaning “glorious defender”.  Huh… that’s irony.

3 thoughts on “Waylaid

    1. Yes, exactly! It’s so ironic. It makes me think of the Name Nimrod which is also used in a negative way, but Nimrod was actually a very mighty hunter. However, he was also a very over ambitious king who is associated with the tower of Babel. So perhaps his own rebeliousness earned him the negative turn of his name? (Matthew 23:12)

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    2. Apparently “Nimrod” was used negatively in Bugs Bunny cartoons. I don’t know if it ever had a negative connotation before that, but Looney Tunes appears to have sparked the association of dim-wittedness with the name Nimrod.

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