I’m fortunate to be watered

My life isn’t the same

The Lord is my shelter

So I’m standing in the rain.

Tina S.W.

March 3, 2020

Taken while we were parked at the pharmacy drive-thru.

Andrew: You’re taking a blurry photo out the window? Me: Mmhmm. He still doesn’t quite get us creative types, but he seems to be a fan.

It just spoke to me. Life is sometimes like looking through a blurry rain drenched window.

However, the picture can become clearer the further you drive.

And hope is always on the horizon.

“You cause the rain to fall on the plowed fields. You soak them with water.  You soften the ground with rain. And then You bless it.”  –Psalm 65:10 (NCV)

I believe in happy endings… ❤

14 thoughts on “Watered

  1. What a wonder it is to have His shelter and to be well-watered! Love the pictures and so appreciate your thoughts here! Blessings!


  2. Woooow Tina – this is SO beautiful! I adore how Holy Spirit prompted you to remember that being in the rain with dark clouds looming overhead is only temporary. If we keep driving, keep pushing into the presence of God, His light *always* overcomes the dark night of the soul.

    Keep up the amazing work Tina. You are such a blessing for the kingdom of God. 🤗

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