Sharing and Tomfoolery

Andrew doesn’t like to share. Yes, I’m telling on Him again. He doesn’t mind. He’s just happy that he gets mentioned. I give him a hard time, but he gets me back. It’s how we roll. So far it’s a great system. 

So I ventured into the kitchen to see what he was into. He had some Jujubes. I said to him, Oh, what do you have there? He responds with, Mine! Don’t come mooching in my bowl.  MOOCHING!? I told him to be happy he has me to mooch in his bowl. He agreed. Then he declared Enrichment! as he headed to the bedroom with a handful of Jujubes

When I got to the bedroom I had no idea where he hid them on me. Finally, I spotted the empty magnesium bottle on the side table and gave it a shake. Yep! Good guess! I’m sharper than a tac today. 

There’s never a dull moment around here. It’s either rambunctious cats tearing around the joint, screaming for their supper (or to be cuddled) or simply being adorable. Other times it’s a husband who won’t stop enriching me! He has refrained from hiding my magnesium on me before bed. However, now he’s hiding things in magnesium bottles??? I said to him, Hey, now there’s magnesium dust on these. His response was, It can only help! (lol)

There’s always plenty to be thankful for. These things do give me smiles. There’s laughter in there too. The cheeky monkeys! 

19 thoughts on “Sharing and Tomfoolery

  1. Oh, I love these funny things in family life! Sounds exactly like one of my husband’s tricks! 😁 It’s such a blessing to find the simple joys in one another, especially now! Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Hehe. 😆 Good. I don’t know why we’re so goofy these days. Overcompensating for the craziness out there I guess. We play anyways, but it’s definitely a good thing not to lose that when times are stressful. Our government is worried about increased problems in the home due to isolation. That’s sad. No problems here. We’re used to being couped up together.

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      1. I am glad you two get along so well and can joke like that. I have been working from home due to the virus. Fortunately my hubby and I get along well too. But I have heard from other people who said they and and their spouse were getting on each other’s nerves. Yes it is sad. I am glad you and I don’t have to worry about that! God is good.

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