I Owe You, “Bee”

I owe you, friend, a poem with heart

You were there for me right from the start

We’ve shared so much along the way 

And I pray this joy will never change.

I owe you, friend, in so many ways.

I pray the Lord will bless your days 

So many times you’ve reached out your hand

I’m so grateful this was part of God’s plan. 

I’m more than blessed you’re part of my hive

For without your friendship I’d feel so deprived

Who else would fill this place in my heart

There’s only one you

Don’t you dare go far! 

I owe you, “Bee”, a poem that’s sweet

You’ll never know how much this means

I just hope these words that I have penned

Remind you I’m richer having you as my friend.

Tina S.W

April 7, 2020 

Dedicated to one of my very best buds: Bob Aka “Brother B.” Freshly dubbed “Bee.”

Happy Birthday!!! ❤ Thank you so much for being my friend these many years. May we never stop buzzing till the end of our days.

“Oil and perfume make the heart glad, and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel.” 

Proverbs 27:9(ESV)

17 thoughts on “I Owe You, “Bee”

    1. Thank you. Yes, as a fellow blogger’s post of the cracks in her cement spoke to me, beautiful things can grow up through the cracks of life. Things can definitely bloom in strange times.

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