InfiniTEA War: Moroccan Mint

Super Mint started this War. You can find that post here, but this less than super hero quickly met it’s doom when it tried to take on my Peppermint Tea.

This was my query when Moroccan Mint was substituted for Peppermint tea in our online order. With many items being unavailable or impossible to order in our current world, my InfiniTEA war may be a bit delayed unless I can find some of Stash’s mint tea line in store. Or I’ll have to start a new battle of the teas with random tea choices. However, I really want to taste all of Stash’s mint teas! 

So what is Moroccan Mint? The blend is as follows: Green tea, spearmint, lemongrass, and peppermint.

After reading the ingredients, the first thing I did was a smell test. I knew it would be amazing with the spearmint. As suspected it passed with flying colours. I give this tea five capes for the smell alone. It’s that super! 

Now Superdad (Aka: Gary) will be thinking, Wait a minute, she only gave me one cape! Yeah, that’s okay. Humans only get one cape. Why do you need so many capes anyways? Okay, perhaps he should have two. That way he’ll have a spare when the other one is at the drycleaners.  

So, how did the taste of this tea fare? It fared much better than Super Mint did! With the spearmint and peppermint combo It was mighty in mintiness and I could taste the green tea. However, either I have no idea what lemongrass should taste like, or the flavor was too weak to taste. 

I’m not a huge fan of green tea, and if you steep this for too long it tastes a bit bitter, however, when steeped to perfection, the combo holds up well against the Peppermint tea. It’s great with a double chocolate or chocolate chip cookie too. It fared so well that It put up a good fight against my Peppermint tea. 

My verdict? I was undecided on the preliminary testing. Thus, I had to brew a pot of both and do another “T Tastes Tea” challenge. *Insert the Rocky theme “Eye of the Tiger.”*

This one was close! However, after 1 and a half rounds Peppermint had just a little more pep and gave Moroccan Mint the knockout punch. I realized something. I keep putting the challenger in my death star teapot and the darkside keeps losing. Maybe next time I should put the Peppermint tea in the death star teapot and see what happens!

Storm trooper #2 tentatively holds the over-sized easter egg as storm trooper #1 prepares to punt said egg over the death star teapot. 

I’d buy Moroccan Mint again. It was way too close. The green tea blends well with the combination of both mints. Plus, it really does smell great. However, my peppermint tea had a slight advantage: it left a better taste in my mouth. 

“Behold, what I have seen to be good and fitting is to eat and drink and find enjoyment in all the toil with which one toils under the sun the few days of his life that God has given him, for this is his lot.”

Ecclesiastes 5:18 (ESV)

(Photo credits go to user aitoff for the Lego storm troopers and geralt for the boxing gloves.)

7 thoughts on “InfiniTEA War: Moroccan Mint

  1. I love your teacups! That was quite the taste test, Tina. I am not fond of green tea either, and I’m not that fond of spearmint. I think I too would like the taste left in my mouth from the peppermint. I have bought a lot of different Stash teas and it is an excellent brand. They keep coming out with new flavors, so I don’t keep up with them as I don’t drink a lot of tea. I just like to have it on hand for the times I do feel like a cup. I ordered something new in my last online order which actually was delivered on Good Friday. I was shocked. The brand is Waykana and the flavor is Amazon Guayusa (pronounced Gwhy-you-sa) and it is supposed to give sustained energy. It comes from Equador and this brand is evidently the first to supply a green version of it. The taste is unique, pleasant, but since I also had 2 cups of coffee that morning I cannot vouch for the energy. I will give it a try again and see what happens without the coffee. Only problem is that there are only 16 teabags in the box. Have a great tea-week Tina.


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