Taste and See

Tea-time Fail

I’m waiting for tea

The kettle won’t call

I forgot to plug it into the wall. 

Tina S.W.

March 15, 2020

Tea Take-two!

That’s much better

My peace unfettered

Tea for Two just can’t be beat

Won’t you have a cup with me?

Tina S.W

March 15, 2020

Taste Test/ Tea Review

I did this taste test a while back, but it was so unspectacular that I put it on the back burner and thought about tossing it. However, if you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water that baby might be useful again? No wait, the baby is good. It’s the bath water that’s bad. The bath water might be useful again? Eww. I guess that’s just a bad analogy.

Back in February–while ordering my mom’s birthday gift–I noticed that there was a mint tea that I’ve never tried: Super Mint. I have to say, the first thing that I noticed about this tea is that they named it poorly. If you’re going to focus on it’s strength, why not call it Mighty Mint? Mighty Mint gets stuck in your head.

The second thing I noticed is that it’s not so super. I’ve met some people who I think are pretty super, but this tea didn’t live up to it’s name. The first cup I tried left me asking the question, Is this really any mintier than my peppermint tea? I had to do a taste test!

I really can’t tell the difference. There’s a slight taste difference, but the mintiness of both teas seemed about even, or the Super Mint was a little less minty. I downed both pots, yet, I still wasnt 100% sure.

It would have made more sense to draw attention to the fact that this is a wild mint tea. I didn’t even know this until I took a closer look at the box. If I were to name it, I would have gone with something like “Wild about Mint.”

I’m sorry to say it, but this tea just doesn’t deserve a cape. I fell for the advertising. Well, sort of. I wanted to see if it’s claims were true.

The Look on his face says it all. I have no idea what he’s reaching for. He’s both grabby and open handed.

Though manufacturers may false advertise (whether they believe their claims, or not) God Himself doesn’t lie. He isn’t human. He even invites us to do a taste test. Thus far I can still say that Jesus has lived up to all that He claims and more, and like a good cup of tea He’s good for our weary dry bones. I do find peace and comfort when I spend time tasting and seeing that He is good. Now that’s more than super.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”

Psalm 34:8 

I’ll be doing another taste test. When I ordered our last batch of groceries they substituted Moroccan Mint for my Peppermint Tea. This Mint war is on, baby. It’s time to throw that baby back into the bath water. (A new batch of bath water, of course.)

Taking a look at the variety of Mint teas that Stash offers, this mint war could go on for a while. Peppermint wins the first battle. How will Moroccan Mint fair? How will I make these challenges interesting? How much Mint tea can one Canadian gal stand? Stay tuned for future “T Tastes Tea.” She’s all in now. #InfiniTEAwar

(Superlegoman photo credit goes to Pixabay.com user InspiredImages. I don’t know who gets credit for the baby Yoda drinking tea gif.)

22 thoughts on “Taste and See

    1. Hehe. 😄 Thanks Kiki. I’m definitely trying to focus on enjoying life and the Lord. In these stressful times we all should play a little. I love metaphors. I do tend to use a ton of them, and see them in everything. How have you been keeping?


  1. The title of your post jumped out at me. I have been reading through the Psalms. This morning I read Psalms 31-35. One of the lines that struck me while reading this morning was “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Of course you know that is from Psalm 34:8. God never ceases to amaze me. Wonderful post. The peppermint tea sounds yummy. And I love the way you tied this together. I am so thankful for the magnificent Heavenly Father we have!

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  2. I like your tea names especially “wild about mint.” The only mint tea I have in the cabinet is Mint Magic. It’s alright but not magic. I am blessed by God who is Good all the time!

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  3. I think I have had that Moroccan mint tea. And I don’t think I found it much different that the ordinary peppermint tea. I’m glad I’m not the only one who waits for water to boil without plugging in the kettle. Or sometimes it’s my steamer. I’m waiting for my dinner to cook only to find out I hadn’t plugged it in. 🙂

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    1. Hehe. Yep, everything takes a lot longer when you forget to plug it in. Or you put it in the stove and forget to turn the stove on. I’ve done that before. I get distracted easily. It’s usually because my mind is always going.


  4. Hope you find the perfect mint tea that lives up to it’s name. 🤗 God is good. I’m glad He never fails us and surpasses our expectations! Sometimes we just have to be patient as He works and then we will see how magnificent His plans for us are.

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  5. We have a saying in Yorkshire. As the rest of the country moves to panic, in most of Yorkshire we raise the level to ‘put a cup of tea on’.
    Love of the tea poems.
    I’ve got into bad habits by just buying the cheapest Peppermint Tea. Doesn’t taste great. The best Peppermint Tea was in Switzerland. It was often made from fresh ingredients.

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    1. Tea does seem to help take things down a notch. Fresh ingredients sound wonderful. I grew mint one year. Maybe I should plant some and try making my own mint tea. That’s an idea.


  6. Love it! Great poems!!
    I enjoy peppermint tea because it helps my digestive system, I use what is called organic Peppermint Delight (probiotic)…although I am with you I’m not sure the name is very fitting because the taste isn’t very delightful LOL…take care my friend ❤️

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