Things that made me smile or laugh today.

  • Kind comments on my blog
  • Funny comments
  • Reading blogs 
  • The sun was shining
  • One of my best friends emailing me to tell me not to forget what I wanted to tell him. (lol) Uh oh… I forgot. No I didn’t!
  • We got out for groceries 
  • I ate lunch outside and got out for a walk 
  • Having energy and a good mood.
  • Friendly neighbors who were having a bit of a lawn chair gathering inviting me to join them. I didn’t. I was too shy. They were social distancing, but Andrew would have wondered what happened to me. However, the invite was really nice. 
  • Remembering that another one of my best friends commented that he can’t wait till I get my flip flops. (lol) This one deserves further explanation. On Sunday’s–when we’re both able–we catch up over Skype and a game of Words with Friends. When I win, I do a victory march. As we’re on Skype and we have laminate flooring he can hear me marching in my flip flops. My last pair kicked the bucket, so I’ve been wearing crocheted slippers around our suite. (No marching sounds.) Now that the warmer weather is here I really wanted some flip flops, so I ordered some to stock up. Then the marching can continue once again, and he can enjoy my victory march. (lol)
  • Andrew discovering that it said “Iams Wet Cat” on the grocery receipt, thinking this was the funniest thing and suggesting that it would make a great Facebook Meme.
  • Our adorable cats. 
  • The way Andrew talks about things. 
  • Studying my Bible. 
  • Did I mention that the sun was shining and I was able to enjoy being out in it? Yep. 
  • Writing this list
  • Andrew losing it because a neighbor kid was screaming really loudly outside. He said exasperatedly, “What is wrong with that child? Is someone murdering it!? (lol) Then he said, “I think your child is broken!” We both got giggly after that.Β 
  • Can I smile because I’m smiling? 
  • Feeling thankful for the good things and people who bless my days. 

“For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor. No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”

Psalm 84:11

Uh oh… that screamy child is out and about again.

(Photo credit goes to user Skitterphoto.)

20 thoughts on “Today

  1. Your list makes me smile. And the sun is finally shining here–a little watery, but nonetheless shining.

    I’m going to tell you a funny story about the victory march that wasn’t a victory march. Maybe this will make you smile too. I wasn’t there when this happened, but was told about it by someone who was. It happened at a church camp meeting. The president of our denomination left the platform and started walking down the aisle. One by one, the people started to follow him in what they believed to be a victory march. Turned out the pastor was going to the washroom! πŸ™‚ How embarrassing. Glad you have so many things to smile about. Smiles are good and not only uplift the corners of the mouth but of the soul as well. God bless you with many more smiles every day Tina.

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