Behind the Poem: Clearing

Jesus did it again. I’m crying. No, this is a good thing. I had written a piece on praise. I was going to post it today. Change of plans.

Without giving too much of that post away, I was looking through my notes on the Psalms in one of my journals when I came across this poem that I wrote on June 24th, 2019.

I know why I never posted this. I felt that not enough of it was in my own words. A lot of it is paraphrased straight from Psalms. Maybe I also didn’t think it was one of my better poems.

Anyways, apparently that’s okay. The parts that were new thoughts amazed me. When I wrote the poem [Overcast ] I’d forgotten about this poem entirely. I scraped the idea of sharing it almost a year ago.

As much as this one sounds as if I were struggling with my health or I was depressed, this was actually sparked because I was having trouble with one of my friendships. Happily, I’d say this friendship is better than ever. That’s not what made me cry. I only figured that part out later.

Maybe you’ll understand why I was amazed and why I cried. Maybe you won’t, but You have no idea how much I needed this poem!


Lord, my spirit is downcast

But You shine through as sunshine breaks through a cloudy sky

I will cast by cares upon You

I will tell myself to rejoice because You will help me.

As I search for answers guide my eyes

Help me to understand

Don’t let my foot slip

I will Praise You

because You go before me

You give me rest and refreshing.

You correct me

And I will listen

You rebuke me

And I will learn

I cast my cares upon You

As one tosses stones across the water

They peacefully skip across the surface

They sink and are forgotten

I will also forget my troubles

Because I can depend on You.

Those who depend on their own understanding

Will be dissapointed

But those who trust You

Will have everything they need

Their overcast skies will clear

And they will walk in Your light

Because You answer

Those who come to you for help.

Tina S.W.

June 24, 2019

I couldn’t type that out without crying buckets. 😢

“Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved.”

Psalm 55:22

“The burden of afflictions is very heavy, especially when attended with the temptations of Satan; there is also the burden of sin and corruption. The only relief under it is, to look to Christ, who bore it. Whatever it is that thou desirest God should give thee, leave it to him to give it in his own way and time. Care is a burden, it makes the heart stoop. We must commit our ways and works to the Lord; let him do as seemeth him good, and let us be satisfied. To cast our burden upon God, is to rest upon his providence and promise. And if we do so, he will carry us in the arms of his power, as a nurse carries a child; and will strengthen our spirits by his Spirit, so that they shall sustain the trial. He will never suffer the righteous to be moved; to be so shaken by any troubles, as to quit their duty to God, or their comfort in him. He will not suffer them to be utterly cast down. “

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary

22 thoughts on “Behind the Poem: Clearing

  1. I totally feel you Tina, the moment we surrender to our Almighty, the feeling is overwhelming and when things makes sense somehow we are just left awestruck at the divine conspiracy and messages ❤


  2. Clearing – the clouds and dreary skies go away. When we cast our cares on God, he clears our “skies” and brings light to our day. We are blessed! 🌈🌞


  3. This poem was so comforting to me, like God was wrapping me in a hug. There are many things that have been weighing on my mind lately. This poem reminded me that a God is beside me, holding my hand. Thanks, Tina ❤️


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