For The Best

Nothing went as planned last Saturday. I don’t know if it was because I was overtired–not having had enough sleep–but one failed attempt at making the best of this day, after another, sent me back to bed in tears. It feels so stupid. I felt ridiculous. 

First I couldn’t connect with Jesus. Then I couldn’t enjoy the day. I did pray about this. 

After dehydrating myself through my weepy eyes (okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration) my thought was, I’m just tired. I’m just having a bad day. 

However, my thoughts while I was crying were way more cynical and extreme. The sky was falling. Not so, but, yes, my mind went there. I feared a lot of things including going backwards. I want to keep moving forward, but suddenly I felt as if I was sliding down hill. Not enough sleep probably had a lot to do with this feeling. 

Feeling a little more logical after my water works, I wondered what Bible verse would be good for a bad day. Upon doing a Google search the verse below spoke to me. 

“When times are good, be joyful; when times are bad, consider this: God made the one as well as the other, so people won’t seek anything outside of His best.”

Ecclesiastes 7:14 (ISV)

I used to think Ecclesiastes was the most depressing book. I didn’t understand it. Now it’s one of those books of the Bible that I find quite interesting and inspiring. I can relate to how King Solomon thought about things. King Solomon asked God for wisdom and God granted it to him because He was pleased that He’d asked for the right reasons: to govern his people fairly and discern justice. The Lord also told him that if he would walk in obedience and keep His commands and decrees as his father, King David, had, he would be given a long life. 

King David wasn’t a perfect man, but He was a man after God’s own heart and he repented when Nathan rebuked him. King Solomon, on the other hand, ignored God’s commands twice, losing his kingdom but for one tribe for David’s sake. 

Though my plans fell through, God’s plan was best. He drew my eyes to Scripture while I was struggling to focus on Him. (And, yes, beating myself up a bit.) He also reminded me that we should neither go overboard being too wise (Don’t over think things or lean on our own understanding. Trust Him. ), nor press our luck by being bad. (Take heed of His direction. It is for the best.)

I suppose this means that He faithfully helped me, drew my focus and connected me. ❤  To seek Jesus’ best is to trust Him for our salvation as well as with our unclear earthly future.

“Wisdom is as good as an inheritance, yea better. It shelters from the storms and scorching heat of trouble. Wealth will not lengthen out the natural life; but true wisdom will give spiritual life, and strengthen men for services under their sufferings. Let us look upon the disposal of our condition as the work of God, and at last all will appear to have been for the best.” 

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary 

21 thoughts on “For The Best

    1. Upping your prayers Is ALWAYS a good move. God is wise. He knows what He’s doing. He allows the bad to achieve the good. It doesn’t always feel good, but all things work together for good to them that love God. (Romans 8:28) You take care too, Superdad.

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  1. Thank you for the verse Tina! I will look it up. Your point about not over thinking things really nails it for me. I’m not in control of this healing journey I’m on, He is. And yes, trusting His own plans for me is best. Big hugs, and sorry for the crying and all. Chronic infirmities really test the faith and emotions. Love you and lots of prayers.💚


    1. Yes, they sure do test our faith. This is a good thing. It doesn’t feel good sometimes, but it proves our faith. This ship is not going down. 😀 Lots of love and prayers back at you sweet sis. ❤


  2. Yes, Jesus loves us! Faith, trust and prayer gets us through tough times. Isn’t it is wonderful, how scripture can speak to us, especially on difficult days. Cyber hugs! 🌺

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  3. His plans are indeed the best and He helped you focus back on Him when you were struggling to.
    There was a desire in you to connect to Him and even when you were struggling you took those steps to search out scripture and God seeing that want met your need. Praise God.
    Blessings to you Tina 😊💙


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