I wondered if I should title this one “Organize.” My thoughts are so all over the place. It feels as if my heart is all over the place too.  I’m scrambling this morning for what kind of photo to use for this post! Ever been there? Oh, I already have a photo. Never mind!

However, I believe that prioritizing will lead to being more organized. I just don’t know how to sort my priorities. It feels like another mountain which I’m supposed to be viewing with purpose. Instead I keep looking at it as an enormous problem. Joy. 

There are two things in life that are very difficult: when there is a sudden change or when you’re waiting for things to change. Both are incredibly difficult. 

Friday was an unusually good day for me. Maybe I was being optimistic and hopeful. My mood was really good. Then I read words on a friend’s blog that I wasn’t very happy to read. Even though the message was optimistic, engaging and so well written, my heart began to sink at the thought of setbacks. This is not how I want my prayers to be answered. 

Unfortunately, I don’t get the choice of how those prayers are answered, so we pray “thy will be done” and, yes, sometimes things take time. Sometimes  (much of the time) the Lord takes us the long way. He has His reasons. 

This means we refocus, refuel, prioritize and get organized. We take a look at this mountain from a different angle. We haven’t lost any ground. The terrain is just a little more challenging. I want to believe that we’re still on track. 

For me prayer is going to be at the top of my priorities list because I know that I cannot get the rest of my priorities in order without it. 

I realized why my mountains always seemed too big. I was trying to climb too many at one time. Yeah, I bet you didn’t know that I have a multiple mountain maneuvering skill. I don’t. That’s why it doesn’t work. When I started to tackle one mountain at a time things started to get easier. That’s prioritizing. 

I finally figured out my new spiritual goal. I bought myself a new prayer journal. My old one was way too cluttered. Clutter creates more clutter. I need to refocus and rewrite my prayer goals. Part of my problem is that I tend to rush things. I still can’t slow things down and be patient. Some heartaches just make you feel impatient. Nevertheless, our times are mercifully in God’s hands. 

My Weekend Project: Dollar store Notebook, turned into a Prayer journal with a little bit of paper, glue, double sided tape, pencil crayons and a gel pen. There you have it. Now I have to fill it up with good things.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Romans 12:12

“My times are in your hands; deliver me from the hands of my enemies, from those who pursue me.”

Psalm 31:15

“The way of man is not in himself, nor in our friend’s hands, nor in our enemies’ hands, but in God’s. In this faith and confidence he [David] prays that the Lord would save him for his mercies’s sake, and not for any merit of his own.”

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time.

1 Peter 5:6

(Photo credit goes to user Pexels.)

31 thoughts on “Prioritize

  1. I like your new prayer journal. I’ve never had one, I should really start. In fact I will. You know I like a good mountain metaphor and this is a good one. I so understand that. It’s something I do far too often. I need to follow your approach. Declutter and refocus. Thank you for making me think again.


    1. Prayer journals are good. Sometimes when you’re tired (happens a lot) you need reminders of what to ask for, and who needs what. The brain can only remember so much, so it’s good to write things down. I journal Bible verse too. Helps me to get things stuck in my head and heart. Works way better than simply reading.

      Yes, clutter is no good. I can’t think straight when things aren’t organized. I have some work to do!

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      1. I don’t have an answer for this. My prayer journal got seriously messed up and I am so disorganized. I really do have to start it over. This time I’m not going to say “I’m thinking…” 😀 I need more praying and doing. Of course there’s always some thinking.. when the brain works, but… yes, have to get past the thinking! I can do it! We can do this!

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  2. Yes and Yes! I was nodding my head through this post. I can definitely relate. Prayer is something God has been speaking to me about lately as well. And trying to tackle too many things at once! (More on that in a future post.) I love the idea of a prayer journal. But I am not great about sticking with it. I want to do better in this area! Thanks for the encouragement. And I glad that you seemed more hopeful and encouraged as well!


    1. I think my prayer journal isn’t the typical prayer journal. I looked at some online. They weren’t what I wanted. I may share what I’m doing with mine when I have it sorted. The most difficult part of prayer is faithfully praying. It’s easy to pray for those who are closest to our hearts, and once you realize how much you need prayer for yourself it gets easier to ask God for things for yourself, but I don’t always pray faithfully, or consistently about other things. So I think praying faithfully needs to be one of my top prayers. Again… prioritizing, right?

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      1. Yes so true!! Great points! If you do decide to share how your journal looks, I will love reading it. But don’t feel obligated if you don’t feel right about it. The prayer journal that I have used in the past has a section for each month. And then there are prompts for different topics. I used it for a couple of months, but then let it go. I definitely want to prioritize prayer. So thanks for the boost!!

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  3. Tina, I love your prayer journal. New with fresh pages waiting for input. Bible journaling and prayer journals are both great ways to delve deeper into God’s Word and focus. Yes, one mountain at a time is more than enough.🌄


  4. Great post Tina. I have been keeping a prayer journal for several years. I write down the time I begin and the time I finish. I record all of the different things I pray for, what Scriptures I read, and any dreams, visions or revelations I may have. I also have a color code using different colors of markers to draw my attention to a dream, a vision, a revelation, or something specific I might pray for that I repeat from time to time. That way if I’m looking back in the journal I can pick out the dreams or whatever from the rest of what I have recorded much easier if I don’t remember the date I had the revelation or dream. It works except on the days I don’t have time to write down dreams etc., then when I realize I didn’t record them and I can’t remember them, I have nothing to remind me.

    As to trying to climb too many mountains at once, I don’t actually try to climb, but just think about them all and can’t decide where to start. I am not very organized and I certainly live with a lot of clutter at times. Like right now. I desperately need to clean up the clutter. But it’s easier said than done I’m afraid. Eventually it will get done though. I hope. Time to stop rambling. 🙂


    1. Loved reading your comment, Diane. It isn’t rambling to me. It’s friendship. It sounds like you keep the most important things organized. That’s what I’m working on… prioritizing. Seek first the Kingdom of God, right?


      1. Yes, it is what the Lord asks of us, but it is often harder to do than to say. I hope I’m getting better at it.
        It felt as if I was rambling last night as I was getting very tired and when I am that tired my comments can seem as though I don’t know when to stop. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.


      2. 😀 That’s okay. Words either escape me or I write too many and have to go back and edit some of it out. Enjoy the rest of your week, Diane. ❤


  5. My sweet daughter please do not look at the day to day progress while praying for people. We need to keep our focus on Jesus. He knows how everything will fit together. He will bless you for praying.


    1. Yes, thank you. You are right. I always lose focus. I always get stuck on the day to day details. Thank you so much for the reminder to focus on Jesus. Why is that so hard for me these days?

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  6. I like your idea of a prayer journal. I have tried in the past but never stuck with it. It helps to write down things to pray for and also to look back and see how prayer was answered as it can be very encouraging to be reminded and stay perseverant in our prayer.


      1. Yes, I’m not sure why that is. Maybe sometimes because those prayers aren’t always answered the way we would like them to be answered. Don’t want to write that one down! 😀 Maybe we should write down the things we learned and the blessings that came inspite of those prayers not being answered as we’d like.

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  7. Wow, I read your post and my heart goes out to you. Prioritizing personal and business aspects of life are taught at ivy league colleges to ensure student success, while the rest of the world assumes it comes naturally. It’s a learned skill. It’s not easy, and takes connecting how you walk your dog, cook your dinner, plan your future and schedule your daily activities, just to name a couple things.. You’re a CFO, CEO, and Secretary all in one if you do it right! So, don’t feel alone, feel grateful that you’re brave enough to look it in the face and say, “wow this is big!” (: You’ll be okay, start with listing everything you do on paper…(:


    1. Awe, thanks Efrona. Prioritizing and organizing can definitely be challenging! Listing everything sounds like a really good place to start. Thanks so much for the care, and your comment!


  8. Seems like you got it all sorted Tina…..I love the point on the top of your list…’re like a ray of sunshine on a cold winter’s day.🤗💝🎀💝🎀💝🤗


  9. Your personal witness highlights the journey many of us take . . . trying to scale multiple mountains at once (I know I am not superman), life filling up with more unnecessary clutter, and praying almost as an afterthought. I like your idea of a prayer journal. I keep a general journal and also keep a daily “take-away” journal from my morning devotions.


    1. Yes, sometimes prayer does get pushed back. I don’t want that to be the case. It’s so needed! Can’t do it without the Lord’s help. Journals are great! They’re very helpful.

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