Matthew Parker

I’m always thrilled to discover new artists, even if they’re only new to me. Andrew appreciates it too.

Since my discovery of Simon Khoroliskiy he’s played Simon’s tunes over and over. I’m glad that he finds comfort in his music. However, I think Simon is officially living with us now.

Matthew Parker

Parker is considered contemporary christian/electronic dance/contemporary worship. The song Alice and the first song below (Adventure) are two of my favorites, but the lyrics to I Won’t Look Back really speak to my heart. I actually have another new favorite since I originally drafted this; it’s called “To God Alone.” I’m convinced that Matthew will be leading the dance party in heaven.

Of course, being a huge Alice in Wonderland fan I’ve gotta love Alice. However, if you listen to the lyrics there’s definitely deeper meaning there that’s so beautifully relatable.

Life is always an adventure when you take hold of the hand that Jesus offers. Yes, sometimes there are tears and troubles, but there’s also so much joy and beauty along the way. There’s even a happy ending. Stay hopeful, keep believing and don’t look back. That’s not the way we’re going.

 “I am the Lord your God, who holds your right hand, and I tell you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I will help you.’”

Isaiah 41:13-14

Life is black and blue
Happy then it’s sad
Just call it an adventure
Then it ain’t so bad

“Back in October, (2018) Tristan Peace, my brother Luke and I drove around the Smoky Mountains while hauling a desk and a whole bunch of other stuff in the car just to make this music video. We filmed at 4 locations and put in a lot of work but had a great time. I also could hardly walk because of my not-quite-healed broken leg, but that just made it more of an interesting memory. Hope you enjoy “Alice” music video!” —Matthew Parker

I made my choice and I ain’t giving up, no ❤

(No oh oh oh)

I took this road cause I believe in love, yeah ❤

(No oh oh oh)

I’m fighting back and I’m on the attack ❤

(No oh oh oh)

I made my choice, and I ain’t looking back ❤

I Won’t Look Back/Matthew Parker

9 thoughts on “Matthew Parker

  1. It’s showing me video unavailable but he definitely sounds like someone I’d appreciate. I will try looking him up on YouTube and see if I can get that to work for me. 🙂


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