I’ve Got Mail

I’m so glad that I email myself. I really do and I really am.

No, it’s not sad. I like to back up all of my writing. After working hard on something I don’t want to lose my work. I’ve heard stories.

I remember my mentor being so frustrated that he’d lost what he’d spent so much time writing. So I am quick to send myself an email. The great thing about doing so is that if you ever decide to delete something from your files, because you think what you wrote was no good, you likely have a copy of it stashed away in your email. So I was looking on Sunday for what I had squireled away. I was searching for one of my poems. I found it, then I stumbled upon a few things I’d forgotten about. My brain has been giving me some trouble so I’m glad I still have a few things up my sleeve.

One day (quite some time back) I was in a really goofy mood so I started to write out random Facebook Status Messages. I think I did post a few of these.

Anyways, these gave me a laugh… hope you get a smile or laugh out of some of them as well. I’m worried they may be lame. If so you have permission to throw tomatoes at me.

  • There were doilies as far as the eye could see, cuz grandma got game.
  • If I had a dollar every time someone sneezed, I’d have a lot of wet dollars.
  • Trees please me, unless of course one falls on me. Then I’m not too pleased at all.
  • 1+1+1= several ones. Yeah, I do math.
  • Jack be nimble. Jack be quick. He had to be. Momma don’t raise no slackers.
  • I’m a little teapot. Got a problem with that?
  • He was born free, but they should have charged admission.
  • He never met a man he didn’t like. No, he met many men he didn’t like!
  • 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish… I’m totally stuffed.
  • Little did they know, because they never studied.
  • Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? I’m right here, have you gone blind women?

(Photo credit goes to Pixabay.com user anSICHThoch3.)

10 thoughts on “I’ve Got Mail

  1. These made me laugh! And I email myself sometimes too. Probably not as often as I should since as I mentioned I cannot find record of that poem. But I did get burned before with losing something I was working on. I also email myself reminders about things I need to do or look up later.

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  2. I didn’t know you were a Facebook watcher. Definitely not lame. Appealed to my sense of humour. Almost Python like some of these. Although I am concerned your venturing into the worlds of professional accountancy on one of these.

    If it’s ant reassurance – I’ve always emailed myself. When you have a memory like mine it’s an absolute life saver.

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  3. Your title “I’ve got mail” takes me back to the days I watched Sesame Street with my kids. The little squeaky voice of Elmo says, “Elmo’s got mail! Elmo’s got mail!” 😆
    I think backing up your writing is a good idea! Better safe than sorry! 😊


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