Fighting Words

This isn’t what I planned on posting. I’m not feeling happy with what I was going to share, and to be honest the day is attempting to kick me in the teeth.

As I started to get tearful, hope and joy began to run the other way. Get back here!!! Stop being cowards!!!! Okay, that made me laugh a little.

I probably need to write some bad poetry. That tends to help.

“Fighting words” help too, especially loud fighting words. So here’s another “fight song.”

When those lies begin to churn in your head, write some bad poetry (tasteful bad poetry…) and tell the devil to stuff it! A cute picture of kittens fighting works too. Last, but definitely not least, Scripture is a great way to drop kick that liar.

Yeah, that’ll work. That’s what I’m going to do.


“I know your intentions

I’ve seen the way you work

Since you love destruction

This is gonna hurt!” (Drop kicked<—-) ❤

See…. Loud singing is good.

“The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness; He will quiet you by His love; He will exult over you with loud singing.” ❤

Zechariah 3:17


“He gives power to the faint, and to Him who has no might He increases strength.” ❤

Isaiah 40:29

(Photo credit goes to user birgl.)

18 thoughts on “Fighting Words

  1. Glad you are fighting, don’t believe the lies of the devil. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light, and He is your strength. 💪 Put on His full armor. Sending cyber hugs! 🌼


    1. Yes, He is the way the truth and the life. My strength for sure. Definitely need the full armor. Thanks for the hugs, Jeanne. Hey are accepted and I am virtually squeezing back. 😄

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  2. Finding something funny that stirs up the laughter is also a good remedy, after scripture. We have both an in-church and Zoom prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings. Tonight one of the guys on Zoom talked about listening to the Holy Spirit when He drops a name into your mind and how we need to act on it right away. He said years ago he used to have that a lot, and there was always something significant that happened to those people at the time. Then he added, “Like the person died.” So without thinking, I said, “Please don’t think about us then!” There were only 4 or 5 of us on, and everyone laughed and we couldn’t stop for a while. I said that now we had our dose of medicine we should be ready to storm heaven with our intercession. It really does feel good to laugh, especially if there is someone to laugh with. Hope you are feeling better now and that tomorrow will be an “up” day for you.


    1. 😂 That’s funny! Thanks for sharing that Diane. My day has started much better today. I am feeling hopeful that it will be a more “up” day today. Thanks so much. ❤


    1. Thanks Bridget. Yes, bad poetry is fun to try. Some times it’s too ridiculousl, but it can help remind me that there are still things we can laugh and smile about even when times are challenging.

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