I found this in one of my notebooks and thought it was funny. Apparently Andrew and I must have been watching a nature show. This is the first thing I wrote down:

“Baboons raising their eyebrows is a sign of aggression.”

Next were my thoughts on this matter…

When I raise my eyebrows it’s a sign of a lot of things, but not usually aggression. It could mean that I’m really leary of someone.

“Okay, stay away from that lunatic!”

OR it might be more like this:

“Hey, look what I can do!”

Usually I can’t do what I wish I could do. Nevertheless, trying may make someone laugh. That makes it worth it.

Somedays raised eyebrows may be a sign that I’m under a great deal of duress and the world is coming to an end. My thoughts would likely be along these lines:

“No, I’m fine. Truly I am.”

Raised eye brows, unfortunately, can be a dead give away that I’m not fine whatsoever.

When Andrew raises his eyebrows he’s usually covering his snacks.

“Oh no, she’s gonna mooch in my bowl!”

(Photo credit goes to user Skitterphoto.)

17 thoughts on “Aggression

  1. Tina, your posts always make me smile! They always have a surprise! 😊
    I had a boss that when he raised his eyebrows, it meant work through the problem and just get it done. 🌻


    1. Hehe. πŸ˜† Good! Glad I could help you to avert the danger of baboons with raised eyebrows. And glad your own eyebrows could get some excercise. 😁 Keep smiling. Be blessed Bridget!

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