Depression is a Battle

Generally I like to learn. However, depression is one of those lessons you wish you could skip. 

I’m not talking about feeling down or discouraged. I’m talking about loss of interest and apathy, low mood and motivation. It can leave you feeling joyless, grey and sometimes irritable.

I once read a post here on WordPress accusing people of using depression as an excuse for laziness. I imagine this person has never experienced depression. It’s actually a very serious illness. Depending on the severity, it has the potential to lead to suicidal thoughts, self harm, or harming others. It can create difficulties simply getting out of bed and taking care of yourself. On the surface it may look like laziness, but it isn’t a choice. It’s a struggle. 

Depression has a way of causing you to focus more on your faults than your victories. You can forget things, like when life felt good. It can fool you into believing that all you’ve ever experienced is pain and struggle.

Depression is a battle that leaves you feeling so far from the person you remember yourself to be. It wears you down and drains you.

As I wait for antidepressants to hopefully help, some days I think I’ll never feel like myself again. I’m trying to learn to deflect those lies. I keep pushing myself to maintain healthy daily routines. Some days I don’t accomplish much more than the basics. However, I have to keep counting my victories, leaning on the Lord and those who care for me. Most of all I need to focus on the hope we have in Jesus and resting in His care.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

Psalm 46:10

When we put on the full armour of God, we are warriors.

(Photo credit goes to user BlackDog1966)

25 thoughts on “Depression is a Battle

  1. Depression is definitely a dark and difficult road to travel. Clinging to Jesus is vital and He will get you through. Keeping up with daily routines is good too. And extending grace to yourself is so important. I like the songs you shared. I had not heard them before. The enemy will definitely try to get into all of our heads. So putting on the armor of Christ is something we need to do daily. And be still and rest in the sovereignty of our Almighty God. Praying for you! ✝️

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  2. Tina, you describe it well. I know this struggle intimately And I know just how hard it can be. Know you are loved, dear friend, that you are being prayed for, and that Your Heavenly Father is with you every step of the way. ❤❤❤


  3. Tina, I am so sorry, I hope the antidepressant help you. You are a loved Child of God, I am praying healing prayers for you. May the love, strength, and mercy of God surround you and comfort you. Cyber hugs and Love to You! 💗🦋🙏


  4. My sweet daughter thank you for sharing. I am proud of you for seeking help. I have had issues with depression too. I understand. Step by step Jesus will help you. He loves you and so do I.


  5. I have had numerous battles with depression as well, and I totally understand your struggle. I wish you all the best so that one day you can stand up to sadness and have it leave your life. I’m glad I did, and I hope you do too. Many hugs 💚


  6. Hi Pippi. It’s nice to see some depressed Christians on here. I don’t suffer from it myself, but I have a heart for those who do because I know it can be debilitating and cause other negative feelings such as guilt, which begin a ‘catch-22’ effect of never able able to rise from the dark pit. What has been your experience with other Christians when you have confided in them about your condition?


    1. Yes, depression is a tough one. For the longest time I avoided antidepressants (for too many reasons to get into) but fear was definitely a factor. Anxiety sort of forced me to seek that extra help. Wow, anxiety and depression are an extremely tough mix. Guilt… definitely.

      Some people don’t really understand depression. I can always pinpoint who those people are. I don’t take that personal though because you really do have to walk in someone else’s shoes to understand. Thankfully I’ve been very fortunate to have wonderful support friends and family, who may not thoroughly understand what I’ve been through and what I’m still going through, but love me and support me the best they can.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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      1. You’re right – anxiety & depression are words that always seem to be linked together. I wonder if there is a connection to over-production, people-pleasing and being too hard on oneself? This is such an interesting topic! Thanks for replying so soon. ☺️


      2. Yes, there definitely can be. For me I can get ahead of myself with over-production and I can be hard on myself. Both of these things I’m working on and doing better with. I’m getting there.

        I wouldn’t say I’ve been a big people pleaser, but I can be someone who is gung-ho to be a “rescuer.” I need to remember Who’s in control, let Him have it and trust Him to be the Savior instead of putting so much pressure on myself.

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