Me singing to Andrew: You’re a cutie and I’m going to make you sausages and corn…

Andrew: That’s oddly southern.

Me: *laughing*

Moments later….


Andrew: The engine’s up to temperature! The oven! I mean the oven.

Me: *laughing again…*

A little bit later…

Andrew: What’s that guys name from that traveling show we like? Josh something…

Me: Josh Groban ? (Joking)

Andrew: No, definitely not Josh Rogan

Me: No, Groban.

Andrew: Who’s Josh Rogan?

Me: No, Groban. You know, that guy that looks like that guy from Star Wars and that guy from that gold digger show…. Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren’s triplet.

Andrew: *Laughing*

It’s true… both of those guys look like Kylo Ren. Gold Rush! I meant Gold Rush! I’ve never seen Gold Diggers. Parker Schnabel is the other Kylo Ren look-alike.

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