Death is Just the Dawn

I’d like to introduce you to Joshua Samson. If you haven’t found and started following his blog, or if he hasn’t found you, I’d encourage you to give him a follow. His blog has only been up and running for about a month, but he’s off to a great start as he writes from his heart.



Everyday, we as a family are hearing the news about the passing away of a loved one. The day before yesterday, it was a dear family friend. Yesterday, it was my grandpa. Today, it was my aunt.

Unfortunately, this is the case across the world. COVID-19 has hit almost every household. Almost all of us have lost loved ones. You may have lost an immediate family member. Or a distant relative. Still, you can feel the grief sting. You can feel doubt and uncertainty creep in. You can feel your spirit questioning the goodness of God.

In times such as these, let our soul cling to the hope of resurrection that God offers His children. Let our heart cling to the anchor of hope which will keep us afloat in the raging waves of disease and death.

Jesus, our King, is a Man of Sorrows. He is familiar with sufferings…

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11 thoughts on “Death is Just the Dawn

  1. Thanks Tina. I followed your lead and read Josh’s message. That was thoughtful and kind of you to introduce him. I can see the Lord has blessed him with his writing. God’s blessings to you, my friend. ❀


  2. So sorry for all the death you have experienced lately. I was in the hospital last December for kidney failure because of Covid. My doctor told he he had signed more death certificates in the last few months then his whole years of doctoring. That was sobering. We have been spared a close relative dying, a couple of friends. Dying is not over even if Covid is might be over, it comes to all of us. I have found during the heavy Covid people were very open to talk about dying and so it was a good time to witness.


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